Using Glycemicare®

Person with Diabetes
To record your results and send/receive messages:

  • Please contact your participating health care professional or coach for your username and password.
  • On your smartphone click: Glycemicare®.
  • Once you have the log-in screen, please enter your 6 digit username and password.
  • Take a Blood test, and record it.
  • Confirm messages sent and received with your health care professional or coach.
  • Track your results is as simple as clicking Glycemicare® on your desktop or laptop computer or tablet to launch the diabetes monitoring portal.  


For health care professionals or coach please contact Inet for your username and password to access the diabetes coaching tool.  Simply click Glycemicare® on your desktop or laptop computer or tablet to:

  • Select or enroll patients.
  • View a glucose graph.
  • List or add medications.
  • Send or track instructions and messages.
  • View glucose results in a chart.
  • Display or modify the patient profile.

For help please click the contact button above.

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